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BOXED by Christine

5 pack Salads

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Choose your Salad -please leave a note with 5 choices

Save some time and order a week's worth of salads in one stop. Have a fresh and delicious salad for every day of the week with this 5 pack option. 

Individual Salads are made with the freshest ingredients for a nutritious, tasty meal. Perfectly portioned for one, our salads are certain to provide you with the energy needed to tackle the day. 

Choose 5 salads from the following options:

Chicken Caesar - Romaine lettuce, diced chicken, tomato, shaved parmesan, Caesar vinaigrette.

Mediterranean- mixed greens, chicken, cucumber, tomato, red onion, kalamatta olive, feta, Greek vinaigrette

Harvest Chicken - Mixed greens, Chicken, dried cranberry, dried cherry, red onion, Feta, pecan, Raspberry Vinaigrette.


For bundles of 5, you may choose any combination of these options. Please leave a note with your 5 choices.